I had just watched Waking Life last night. Its the most epic thing I’ve ever seen. I just can’t say anything to do it justice. Its just … wow. After I’d watched it, I felt like … umm I was in a dream— which was an appropriate thing to feel like. I felt delusional. And just a frightening feeling about life on top of what I have been consistently feeling.

Here are my 3 favourite segments of the film— in order. I shall not quote them because I am running out of time. Of course, there are so many more segments that I like but these are the ones that I remember and can be found on Youtube. Enjoy.

Edit: I realised that I have really not expressed my passion enough for this film. This is something that I can watch over and over again, unlike ALL other films which I will kill them if I re-watch them. And there is so much depth and .. I don’t know how to put it— but other than the words within the film, the actors, the way they build up the film. My Goodness. Each time I re-watch the Ukulele Dude segment, I feel like _____. I don’t know. It just touches the deepest part of me (how cheesy and strange sounding, sorry for the lack of words and coherency) and strikes the deepest chord within me. And the music. It haunts me.

Ukulele Dude


Boat Car