I’m sorry to be lifting videos off Youtube again. But I really love this. I have so many things to talk about but I spend too much time surfing the net that I find it even worse if I were to spend another few or 10 minutes writing stuff here.

One thing interesting is that on Thursday, I’ve received 3 religious books (all on Christianity). It remains to be told whether I was ‘overwhelmed’ or not. Either way, I think I’m too ‘dead’ as a person to be. One as a birthday (although my birthday is on the 12th. He was afraid that he might forget) gift from this guy who is a Christian— we made a ‘pact’ to exchange books for birthdays. I gave him an atheism book (he requested Richard Dawkins and even though I see Dawkins in poor light, I was too busy to think otherwise). 2 others were given to me by The KI teacher when he was handing back our essays-churned-out-during-exam-condition because I was ‘curious about religion’ and I did the essay on Einstein saying how religious figures like Jesus and Buddha did more justice to mankind than all the intellectual whatnot.

Alright, I am in my blabbering mode again because the song above really robs me of my ____ capacity when it is playing.

I am going to do a separate post on the 3 books soon. And about what I feel or think about birthdays. I’m saying this to see if I will actually do them or not. On previous occasions when I say things like that, I never did them.

I don’t think I really care about birthdays anymore— if I ever really did. Social construct, social construct, but still good to most. (I think I sound like my brain was removed and allowed to run of autopilot. Oh no. This shouldn’t happen anymore, lest it becomes the norm.)