If I could, I’d notice that I am half asleep
It feels as though a current is pulling my weight deeper
And throwing these oceans behind me
And catching depths where the lights cannot reach me

In this underwater world where I’m lost, I can float, I can fly
The currents like wind, blow all the creatures in line
And my breath is in tack as both my lungs adapt
To the directionless waters beneath the winds laughs

My lungs surrender the waters
But only sights can drown
Tumbling through the bubbles that I brought here
I hope it never spits me out
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Cuz under the land the sounds cannot break
So the life that surrounds conduct silent wakes
The sights reemerge as the suns light is bent
As it penetrates this escape where my time is spent

I will make friends with the sharks
Who follow it’s shine
I will soon close my eyes
To continue on this ride

The warm current’s pull

Best song ever. I know this statement might expire but when I listened to it for the first time, I am head over heels in love with it. And Nietzsche tells me that I’m allowed to follow my instinct and reason with passion and Kierkegaard tells me that I should exist and say this and Sartre tells me to avoid bad faith.