Studying for KI today. Just read a lot of Nietzsche. Its therapeutic in a sense that I feel like I’ve finally had a breathe of fresh air where I thought I had been whiffing them all the time (I’d actually been in a musty old room with crusty old men all the while). Although I must say that I had a hard time reading him, relative to any other philosophy-related works/articles I’ve read. Maybe not Sartre. But I haven’t tried Sartre again since a year ago so it might have changed.

Shan’t talk too much about Nietzsche here because I will kill myself unnecessarily. Oh no, by saying that and doing so, I am adopting a slave morality. WILL TO LIFE, INSTINCTS, PERSPECTIVES, PASSION, RESTORED REASON. BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL. OVERMAN. Alright.

But reading Nietzsche kind of spells ‘trouble’ for my upcoming exam, depending on how I will eventually look at it or decide to do. I’ll never look at dear old Socrates and Kant the same ever again. But hmm, I’ve never really liked them in a huge way so its okay. I’m a fan of Wittgenstein and Russell. Just found out the other day that Wittgenstein was a pupil of Russell’s. Got a shock.

Its like finding out that the 2 people whom you’ve met separately and subsequently admired are married with  4 kids.