And for now, I shall just forget everything to do with something that need not have anything to do with me.

Actually, not for now.



The Act

Erase, erase off the slate in the head.

@ (you’re dead). # (you’re dead). % (you’re dead). & (you’re dead). ++ everything else not mentioned. As represented by this: /_\


Well, I’m sure you/it/… have never known you were there in the first place. Wouldn’t make a difference to you. Why should it be one way anyway?


Ethical theories

By this act: Utilitarian purposes achieved. Kantian Categorical Imperative’s welfare not fulfilled. Confucianism.. doubtful. Virtue ethics: achieved when twisted. Ethics of care: Not at all maybe. Aristotle’s Eudaimonia: Definitely (to me), since I think that by erasing that off my head, it helps to further my potential.

But I don’t care about Kantian anyway. I respect his ethical theory, A LOT. I think its the best one— the one that can achieve social stability best but it is unfeasible— especially with odd people like me in society. Confucianism is too floppily vague (or maybe its just because I have yet read up on it enough), I do not like that. I think ethics of care is inferior as a philosophy (I’m just biased but whatever), virtue ethics is o-k. Eudaimonia really leads to happiness and it was one ethical path I was already taking before I read about it so I like that. Utilitarian is o-k but it has been attacked too often for me to stay there without the fear that the bombshells might land on me one day.


Before the man dies, the last word.

I’m very frustrated with the junk that my mind churns out to complicate my life. I mean— its own life.

Dear mind, I’m sure you want to have a better life.

Now kill all the deadweights and rise to the surface.