I am now treating life as an indefinite vacation. What I’ll interpret from this is that I should try everything that I can try— basically, a life founded on diversity, both the good, the bad and the not-so-good-nor-bad.

Rationale behind this is that I’ll be glad with whatever life tosses at me and everything I’d and I’ll ever experience is a gem and each second of my life is worth living.


This is a vacation— why would you want to be a spoilsport and leave halfway into the vacation? And life is really once in a lifetime. I want to see, taste, touch, hear, smell, experience,  everything— this is, afterall, a vacation. I go on this vacation in search of pleasure. And pleasure is founded on diversity.

However, the quantity, the duration of the vacation matters too. Both longevity and pleasure matters. Therefore, I must do something to make it last. Not to live fast and die young.


This ‘worldview’ is functioning well for me right now. When I hear booming music whose lyrics and vocal representative makes no other sense to me other than what I glean as the degeneration of mankind, or walk past billboards, pamphlet handlers devoid of emotions, salespersons, the multitudes of malls, mechanical-factory-assemmbly-line-like life in buses, trains, and people in front of computer screens— I chuck them away under the box called ‘diversity’.

This is a civilisation I am visiting. Nothing but an anthro case study.

And I am having a vacation here. Might as well experience life like how the locals do and see if I can succeed in this new environment. If I do (and I damn will), it’ll be great. It shows how much creatures like me can adapt to new societal landscapes and rise above them all.