[Where I just wrote out random, disjointed sentences directed to me by my brain. So what do these say about me?]

It happened.

Wait a minute, so what is that in the sky?

Well, I just woke up in the morning and saw it.

Where are you going later, again?

I don’t really know but if it’s all they’ve got…

I went there yesterday— it was all gone.

I looked into the glass of water; was it you that I saw?

Why do you think she left then?

Did anyone of you leave this place at any point in time?

Why do I feel this sudden, sharp ache when I tip my elbow over like this all the time?

I was looking at the screen— the paint stain irritated me.

I was looking down from the edge; was that you?

I walked home the other day.

It was raining.