Hi Dey-cart. How’re you doing?

You’ wishing me all the best for tomorrow? Right, thanks.

Now I shall search for Locke, Hume, Plato, Feyerabend, Kuhn, Popper. HEY, seems like there aren’t THAT many people! (for what’s being covered tomorrow)

No, so I shall appeal to empiricism, rationalism, skepticism, epistimology, the various forms of knowledge, the various ways of ‘constructing’ knowledge, the nature and construction of scientific knowledge–, Kuhn’s paradigms, Popper’s falsification, Ockham’s razor, ‘etc.’, mustering the energy of the entire scientific history, calling on full-blown critical-anaysis-friendly psynicism, calling on inhuman properties of churning out 16 words per minute— of superior quality and this list shall go on whenever you deem fit.

Thank you.