What I resolve to COMPLETE today (12 Noon to ____):

1. Circular Motion (Complete understanding of the entire topic)

2. Philosophy of Science (The part on Social Construction and Gender)

3. There’s still time left? Do Math.


WHY THE HECK AM I UP AT 10.30AM?!!! Because the evil folks at home somehow decided to “teach me a lesson”, not to sleep at hours which are uniquely me. My body clock isn’t working well nowadays (I used to be able to wake up after 3-4 hours of sleep, no matter when I sleep) but I still won’t feel tired if I sleep 3 hours a day. So that’s not “teaching me a lesson”, that’s just flawed understanding and being unreasonable. I think I’m incoherent and irrational right now but well, I’m still in a woozy state <– effects of oversleeping.

AND YESTERDAY, I WAS UP AT 1PM (But shush, I slept at 5.30am so it’s not that bad. But I told them I slept at 1am.) Oh well.

For me, sleeping more than 5 hours is unearthly. What a waste of time— could have watched several movies in that span of time!

The huge problem is with my alarm ringtone. MY BRAIN HAS BEEN FEEDING THE TUNE INTO MY DREAMS. Because I have accidentally deleted all my ringtones, I’ve only got one left and it has been replaying everyday.

So I went googling and ended up with a file where the guy talks about why he hates alarm clocks and why they should not exist. O_O Interesting, but not the time for me to hear that! Nevertheless, I got hold of one ringtone— generic and perhaps, might be effective but too short! Shall try that though.

And I might record my own though the entire household will freak out to it. I’m planning to do a variety of shrieks— both intelligible and the opposite of intelligble in it. They’ll think that I’m insane (which I am anyway) but the most important thing is that I’ll be killed.