If you’re wondering about my absence (which I think not), it’s because of the ASEAN Plus summit (1, 3-6) that I was away. And after a small breather today, I’ll be off again to RCLF from 8-11. Congrats to me. I feel like a flogged donkey.

Too many things to say about ASEAN that I’d rather not start. Even if I had the time, recounting the entire thing and writing something meaningful about it makes me feel like my brains are pulled out from my nostrils.

Maybe just a pinch of ASEAN here: I love my council, especially my chairing committee in the council, the chair and the other vice-chair. My council choice could not ever have been any better than that. I feel really comfortable with those people and I admire and look up to both of them. You realize that I’m being quite vague here— because I do not know who reads this blog so I’d better watch my words. This is more like a mental notebook for me. I just want to note it down in a language that I can read. You’re lucky you’re not seeing weird western-european MSword symbols that appear when a document is corrupt <—- WHICH HAS HAPPENED TO ME COUNTLESS OF TIMES WHEN WRITING/EDITING PUBLICATIONS ARTICLES.

Which reminds me T_T. Articles are due on the 11th. And I have until 14th to get everything in and edit before sending out. And the RCLF extends to 11th. Good luck to me.

Lately, I feel that I’m losing myself more than ever, which might or might not be a good thing. My mind is cluttered— by people, events, noise, recurring music etc.; a symptom of the lack of an mp3. My mind has thus decided to sing for itself. I can’t feel myself existing at all. I feel like a plastic bag. Fluff, fluff.

Can’t continue to blog now. Maybe later. Ciao.