Crazy, hectic life. And there comes a time when too much is piled up and just as much is expected and paralysis sets in. Maybe someone could deduce an economic theory from this. I can see graphs in my head right now.

Well, let me ‘try’ to put things into perspective.

1. 3 publications articles + Editorial (WEDNESDAY O_O) ahhh……………………… (a lethargic yell)

2. PW on monday and SY’s concert on monday night so I can’t do much tomorrow

3. Fix math, 3 topics, test on week 9

4. Fix chemistry, 3 topics, test on week 9

5. Fix physics, 2 topics, test on week 9

6. Fix economics, ?? topics, ESSAY test on week 9

7. ISAC stuff coming soon that will loom large over the last few weeks before ASEAN summit


Maybe a large part of my list fails to justify to you why I am worried but you need to know that what I take for a failed grade is getting something other than an A. And the common tests are coming very, very, very, very, very soon.

I also know that once you let something slip by, everything will start to slide and there will be no way to get back. I don’t want to let anything to slip by because I don’t want to go crazy getting everything back up— which is an inevitable process if everything fails.