I want to be a linguistic athropologist (or a linguist) or as the academic equivalent, if there are no other conditions in the world except for doing what you like to do. I love analysing anything that human constructed and the corresponding psychology behind it. That’s unfornately, poorly valued in society’s dollars. (Not that I’m seeking for money.)

But then again, I think I’ll just waste my days away on the TV (which I have not watched for years— not allowed to and subsequently, I’ve gotten used to it and if you were a part of my family, you’ll know that rebelling against anything is useless, might as well save your energy and swallow all intrusive emotions) and on the computer, on travelling around the world (if money were free-flowing) if there were no conditions except for doing what I like to do.

I have entered the ranks of the world-weary (dreams are weary too), but I deny that ever happening so I do not need to find a way to react to it appropriately or live life alike the world-wearies.

Just the mind. In my physical life, I’m as good as ever.