I sat in for H1 geography today and again, I’m having a dilemma of whether to take economics or geography. And it has yet shown signs of resolution. But well, every time I engage in this debate, I end up siding geography.

And so shall it be. One of the shallow reasons is that econ has a huge textbook and geography doesn’t + the number of people taking geog and econ in general. Lesser = better. One of the less shallow but nevertheless rather unfounded/unhealthy reason is that geog can be studied and memorized easier than econ. I want something safe that I can score in if I study for it.

And I’ll do my very very very  very best to take another H3 next year. I want to squeeze everything out of this education system.

And hurray, I’m the new chief editor for Publications.

My life’s working.

One thing I must really work on is being productive. That’s one of the last mountains I know of that I NEED TO SCALE.

And till then, CIAO.