Feeling PHENOMENALLY better.

Partly because everything’s working out— they were anyway. It was just a freak occurence that stimulated me that day. Pardon me.

The partially emotional outburst 4 days ago does not apply now and did not even apply on the night of the day where I wrote them. I just need an outlet for my ill-considered mental affairs.


1. I’ve decided to take an extra H1 geography because my current combination has only 10 credits and I’m not keen enough to psycho myself to take a science H3. That would be unethical. I SINCERELY NEED the appeal to work out— if it doesn’t, IT WILL ANYWAY. I have my ways. Mm-hmm.

2. I scored a perfect score for KI paper 2 section B assignment. That’s wow-ish but I hope it will work out the same way in exams due to the conditions. I tend to perform 30-40% worse in exams.

3. Also pulled through an A by -0.4 (scored a 69.6%) for math. It was really dumb because I lost 1 mark due to an unsimplified equation, 2 marks for placing (round brackets) instead of [square ones] for functions for 2 instances. ARGH.

4. Chemistry class quiz became an ONLINE QUIZ. MAJOR, MAJOR WOOTS.