A certain subject tutor of mine has an exceedingly strangely avoidant attitude towards me. He never really marks my assignments (only the MCQs), when he goes around the class to check everyone’s tutorials, he never checks mine, when we cross each others’ path in school, he makes a conscious effort to look away at something else, he never calls me to answer any questions in class even when he was going in a chronological order based on seating arrangements. When he was giving back test papers, he said there were only 2 people with A grade in our class when I should be one of them and he handed out the papers by chronological order based on how well you did and mine was the last when I was second in class.

He also makes an effort not to make eye contact with me but he does everything so naturally that I find myself suspecting every once in a while if I was exaggerating the whole issue. I do not know what is happening. And I need to know why and it is bothering me. In addition, as crazy as it sounds, it might affect me academically (although I’m doing my best not to let that happen)— I love the subject and I used to like and admire the teacher a lot (due to his personality as well) before I observed that he behaved this way towards me (I do not hate him, I’m just UTTERLY CONFUSED). Now, the enthusiasm has dissipated— I just want to do well because its one of my subjects.

I’m just totally puzzled and can find no reasons for the above occurence. I do not think he has any generic discrimination/bias towards me.

I’m going to ask Yahoo Answers as well and maybe some online forums. If I can’t get an answer that I think justifies the behaviour, I am going to ask him about it one day.