I was browsing through the multitude of blogs which I have came across and susequently frequented after numerous trips of blog hopping– and of course, owners of blogs who are my acquaintances and ‘friends’ (definition: people whom I come into contact with more than acquaintances). Unwittingly playing the role of the detached observer and armchair critic again.

And these are trips where I feel like a wallpaper.

Where people talk about relationships, I talk about the ideology behind it. Where people talk about angst and distress, I talk about how my past has a role to play in it and how this would be short-lived and I’ll go on to talk about the ideology behind emotions. I can never get into the specifics.

And this is where I need to decide between my being a freak or the majority of the population being one. And of course, I’ll re-analyse the previous sentence and opine that its not about being a freak but something else– that goes further down in the abyss of detachment. And I’ll further analyse the use of the word ‘abyss’ and the suitability of the word choice due to its negative (and overly poetic and figurative) connotation.

Somewhere further down, I’ll forcefully drag myself back to where I was and this usually constitutes telling myself how miserable and unusual I am. Which I’ll go on about how its not a bad thing but a good one… etc.

Blogs, blogs.

The trend seems to be miserable and stressed; no meaning in life (whatever the meaning is), basically melancholy paired with angst– but the reflection is missing. Reading these, I’ll end up feeling frustrated for the person— thinking that s/he should approach his/her life in a much different way.

** If you have received anonymous tags/comments recently that are in this fashion, its probably me. But you owners of those blogs would probably not be here to see it.

I wish to see more positive blogs. But the only available ones are frivolous ones.

And I’ll wonder about how out-worldly I am.

I’m so detached that I need to be fake.