With respect to yesterday’s post, it appears that I’m totally fine now— at least judging by today.

And now, I’m deciding whether to buy Sophie’s World and Either/Or by Soren Kierkegaard or not. I can find the ebook for Sophie’s World online and hmm, found the few parts which I skimmed through quite disjoint and maybe I say, ‘lame’ in a sense that I found it a little shoddy? In a way that it seems like the author’s trying to force fit philosophical introductions into the chapters but that’s what the book’s about anyway. And I can’t judge because I haven’t read through the book and considering the reviews.. hmm.

Actually, the weird reason behind me wanting to buy the books is to justify my trip to *somewhere* (shall not reveal so as to maintain a certain degree of anonymity to certain individuals) to get a new cover for my calculator, which is a frivolous activity.

I need to justify my actions, see?

And today’s trip to the ISEAS (some seminar on ASEAN’s food issues, poverty and the global recession and how it ties in with everything etc.) was actually nice (vague word was used deliberately). My fear for *something* was unfounded and I had actually thought of not going at first. And the food was great (and cheap)! If any of you are going to NUS for something or other in the future, do try the Megabite cafe (how very fitting! 😀 I love it nerdy.) in the computing block in the Science Faculty.

On another note, I’m getting increasingly unproductive each day and the conditons that I require in order to study has become more and more counter-intuitive and OCD in nature. For example, I can’t study with the TV blasting in another room but can study with the TV in the room and I can only study in a chaotic environment where more than 5 separate scenes (meaning more than 5 groups of people are talking or holding a separate activity) are happening (yes, at least 5. I ran the scenarios in my head.).

Either that or complete silence but I’ll have a tendency to stray.

Of course, these aren’t completely ridiculous and insane quirks— I can find justifications for them in terms of my psychological makeup but I shan’t expound upon it here due to the time and the inferiority in terms of the priority of this post compared to other events that are waiting for me to take action in order to make them happen in my life.

So, ciao.