I have been strangely incoherent lately.

I can’t hold a functional and meaningful conversation with the exception of a few or when I’m with strangers (yeah, strangely). And the random way in which I talk makes a more than substantial contribution for world’s best social gaffes.

The way I initiate or hold up conversations either makes me seem like an extremely forgetful person or a total retard who has no sense of sentence structure, vocabulary and grammar.

And the best part is that where I can have great workable solutions to almost everything in my life, I can’t figure out what to do with this so I’m not doing anything about it but am still displeased about it.

Another thing is that my coherence has not deteoriated in terms of writing. I just got my essay back and it was far better than I had expected (and I had high expectations).

Note: I’m frustrated with my incoherence not because it does not present me well socially but because it isn’t “ME” to speak like that!!! It’s like of someone controlling your speech patterns!!!