[I get strangely emotional and irrational at times like these and I’m not afraid to demonstrate it— just don’t judge that short-sightedly and treat it is a permanent part of my personality. Please treat this as mere casual scrawlings.]

And physics’ kinematics test made the first record non-A grade in my results [in all 4 subjects] from the start of the year. Got a 56%.

It was not mainly because of the grade that I’m upset. It was the comments the teacher wrote beside my marks that did it.

“-19%. Are you too busy with your CCA?”

I scrawled a huge “NO” the minute I sat down after getting back the paper.

I might have 3 or 4 ccas but it would be surprising to many that I have less time committed to all of them (at least physically-showing-up-at-CCA-time). And I am NOT one to blame it on external factors, heard that? I know the comments weren’t meant to solicit this kind of response (I’m sure he genuinely meant well) but I felt this way anyway (Like if someone accidentally stabbed you, s/he does not mean it but you would still be hurt) because it didn’t apply to me and I hate people assuming that I’m just one-of-them. (One-of-them refers to cliche cases)

I know my priorities and I only commit to something if I’m sure that it would not be a liability. And I studied a lot for the test and I don’t have much affinity with kinematics— if I did not study, I can expect a U or E.

I take it as a personal insult though I know it wasn’t meant to be this way and I’m not blaming it on the party who caused it. I hate it when people assume and judge something without considering carefully about it.

The kinematics quiz was definitely much harder (EVERYONE agrees) and although many in my class scored better (weird trend of course), I am with the norm. OKAY? IT’S NOT THAT INCONCEIVABLE. CAN’T IT BE JUST THAT THE QUIZ WAS HARDER?

And another thing is that I am a total different person this year. This is the year where you’re supposed to start failing a majority of your tests or experience a huge drop in results. And the counter-intuitive happened to me. AND would you please look at my other subjects in order to come to a better conclusion?

I need to stress again, I don’t think you are wrong in any ways— I’m just too difficult at strange times but do know me better. And I do not like you.