I’m FINALLY done with my essay. Well, err, except for the conclusion. I can never figure out how to end it. *Bawls*

And weekends = stay-at-home = unproductive days = no progress in studying for math, chem and phy.

Math especially since the test is on either tuesday or wednesday.

That is why I prefer weekdays and school to my currently post-decomposed state. I suppose you can tear down my argument at the first link ‘weekends=stay-at-home’ but for me, its the only choice since my insanely-efficient parents can never understand the need for me to study anywhere but at home (striked it out because I feel better that way, even if its only psychological). Maybe they do, but either way, they will do what they can to prevent me from succumbing to my quirks (what they deem as quirks).

I’m not procrastinating; only progressing at a perversly slow pace and I’m in a semi-sleep state all the time. That’s what math does to me– or rather that’s the norm when I encounter an overwhelming set of questions which I have difficulty solving more than 50% of them.

But I never stop at the sight of them and I keep forcing myself on— its a struggle against my nature and I refuse to judge who won. Because my math definitely hasn’t D:

AHHH, I THINK I DON’T MAKE SENSE. <— This is the part where I suddenly wake up to find the above paragraphs puzzling, as if written by someone else.

Once again, many apologies for the mundane content if you were expecting something else.