I need to engage in a more sustainable way to keep awake during lectures and tutorials, specifically physics lectures and tutorials and math lectures.

The sweet-consuming habit is going to lead me nowhere financially and health-wise. I’m horrified by the amount of sweets I can consume each day.

I never fall asleep during chemistry lectures and tutorials and math tutorials. I LOVE chemistry. I LOVE LOVE LOVE chemistry. And I got the highest in class for the recent chemistry quiz— although it wasn’t what I thought I was going to achieve, it fell short of my expectations: I had expected a 14/15 but got a 13 instead D: I’ll be sure to take H3 chemistry next year. We’ll see where this path leads me to in the future. You’ll never know.

I’m wide awake during KI 😀

I’ll proceed to complete my 1000 word KI  essay. My draft alone is close to 800 words— I wonder how long will I write D: Probably 1500 and above D: That’s just a conservative estimate.