Edit 7th Feb: I must be PMS-ing on that day D:

1. SY transferred to NJC today. Something is missing.

2. Getting used to my new ‘not-hanging-around-with-anyone-during-breaks’ status. I no longer can keep up with being around people who can do without me and I can do without. Its only a matter of time before I drift away— and I chose sooner. (#2 is not connected with #1).

The main issue is actually finding a place to study and eat where I can see no one and no one can see me. It would be resolved when the new library’s been completed. I’ll remain in the librarian spot forever.

3. All people in general.

4. Worry. About my current state, near future and future. Especially near future, month long vision.

5. Myself. What’s wrong with me.

6. So screwd up.

7. And there’s more to come.