I don’t think _____ can do anything. Its pissing me off greatly. And at the same time, ____ is supposed to do the bulk of the work (_____ is supposed to be superior to me) but I’m doing it instead. I don’t mind if I’m supposed to do that but thing is, I’m not supposed to do those.

And I don’t get acknowledged for that— its as if I’m supposed to do it all and ____ takes it as a given and recognises no difference. As a result, I feel that doing or not doing makes no difference so maybe I should probably not do anything but on the other hand, if I don’t do those, the entire thing will shrivel up and die.

And, the main, main thing is that— it doesn’t pay off. Because I only finish 60% of the thing (I’m supposed to do 25% theoretically), the other 40% is bound to screw up and the 40% always ends up being shared between _____ and me so its a really hasty job that doesn’t yield. And it affects the inital 60% too.

I’m just terribly puzzled. _____ does not seem interested in the least. I’ve made a horrible choice (yes, I can make choices as to which _____ to work with) but whatever, I never regret.

What I’m going to do is to do more than 90% of the thing from now on.

And surprisingly, doing 90% of the thing is much easier than finishing 60% and finding it in excess and end up scraping it and doing it again.

I have more than 12 things listed on my planner to do this weekend. And each one is significantly larger than just a mere number listed on the planner.