Model ASEAN summit clashes with Pre-U seminar D:

I seem to want everything nowadays. But that’s good because life’s going great right now. Everything’s in control 😀 I’m having the best time of my life— and the busiest.

I have a deadline almost everyday until March the 2nd and I’m having my piano exam on the 24th of February. I’m fully prepared for everything though and everything’s done in advance. And I have 5 CCAs, ISAC, Publications, Oratorical, Library, Photography, 3 active for now— ISAC, Publications and Photography (although I’m not really active in Photography). You realise that they are all of the same kind 😀

Type A personalities don’t get depressed, if they do, its because things are left undone or incomplete or unsatisfactory but it will serve as an additional motivation to resolve the issue which will in turn generate satisfaction. I like how the system is much more simplified for Type As.

I’m working the hardest I can to create the perfect portfolio for my university application.

So Pre-U seminar? 😦

Ah well.