I’m going to die of stress. And its only the start of all that craziness.

So we are told to list down things to do and prioritise in times like this and I have this huge mental list of things which I’ll list it below. But the thing is, when the thing that has the top priority is almost impossible to be finished, you’re dead for sure.

1. 2 prose pieces for the musical compositions (Long overdue. I listed today as the final deadline but I absolutely have no idea what to write for it. ITS THE THING THAT’S KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the fact is that I volunteered for it <_< I don’t want to back out suddenly too, sense of responsibility.)

2. Piano (My exam is on Feb the 24th and tomorrow’s my lesson and I haven’t practised since last week due to the week-long orientation.)

3. ISAC (Last minute change of council to the economic council. And gosh, I kind of detest it but I’m not complaining and I have no intentions of changing it <— in case any relevant parties stumbled upon my post over here. So I have to research all over again and since I’m not very well-versed in those topics, I NEED research. AND not only do I lack the time to do so, my parents are REALLY against me spending more than 30 minutes on the computer. AND coupled with the fact that I’m an obsessive researcher with documents going up to 100+ pages at one go, its really hard to sort out everything and send it to someone.

But if I were the one coming up with the presentation, its okay, since I can understand the organised chaos. And I’m getting increasingly frustrated because I don’t exactly know what specific specific specific area I need to research on. I’m terrible working in groups: its either I finish everything on my own <— either that or I tell my group members what exactly they need to help me with or I totally keep out of the project (happens when I’m really bad in the area and there’s someone taking charge who’s really good at it) or ask the person leading it what Exactly do I do.)

4. Finish commonwealth essay (I totally lack motivation to edit some parts and include some new ones AND its wanted by tuesday.)

MY CURRENT LIFE IS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And I haven’t talked about orientation and all. I suppose I won’t. The main thing is that I’ll be really alone this year. Really, really alone. And I have a lot of other things to worry about as well.

I’m going to burst.