I was eating out with my dad earlier with this triangle consisting of 2 girls and a guy sharing the table next to us. The conversation going on was abominable.

Guy: Well, listen to me, you’re full only because you think you’re full. Its ALLLLLL IN YOUR MINDDDD (accompanied with dramatic hands gestures eg. waving in the air, etc.), ALLLLLLL IN YOUR MINDDDD.

And the girls began to laugh inexplicably, saying something to the effect of how funny and witty the guy was, only in a more bimbotic fashion (More? Why did I use more? Am I claiming that I’m bimbotic, only lesser? Aha, subconscious, subconscious..). But they still pushed for the guy to eat the remains of their salivary-amylase-tainted spaghetti (Am I spelling it right? Nevermind.) And the guy still insisted how it was ALLLLLL IN THEIRRRR MINDDDDDS. And the girls went on to push it to him again, while he said how it was ALLLLLL IN THEIRRRRR MINDDDDDSSS again. And they laughed again.

The guy was not only poseurish, he was MAKING USE OF PSEUDO PHILOSOPHY AS A TOOL FOR FLIRTING. >_> And I was there half-listening, half trying to swallow my food and not allow myself to blurt out how wrong he was.

If I were one of them, I would have said something like: And thanks for your valuable explanation. I’m full precisely because I think I’m full. In case you’re assuming that I might want to adopt your way gauging how-much-food one-must-eat-before-they’re-full and look like a pig, I’m clarifying now that I refuse to think otherwise.

My goodness, he’s assuming that only ‘physical indicators’ of ‘being full’ are important, others are just redundant and fake. And do ‘physical indicators’ even exist? Maybe you can propose an universal indicator of poking-the-abdomen-with-an-index-to-see-how-far-your-finger-could-go-in but even that indicator is assuming that someone whose abdomen is distended to the extent when its totally rigid (and when is it ‘totally rigid’?) is actually full. Because the indicator for him/her could be that his/her stomach must go to the extent when its near the point of exploding into confetti-like strips.

Physical indicators are a result of thought as well when you apply it to physical-related sensations (like pain, etc.)which are a product of the thought process.

If you think that you’re full and are not willing to change your threshold for ‘fullness’, you probably shouldn’t listen to that and laugh along.

But I understand that both parties are at that moment too  mentally involved in the emotional games with the opposite sex to actually care about the truth about oh, wider issues.