I’m sure you are acquainted with my brain’s ability to churn out completely random things in completely random situations. There was once I was walking home when it told me that “A match made in Heaven” makes a good advertisment for a matchstick company. Its just too bad that matchsticks aren’t really that fashionable to deserve this kind of commercial (if they do commercials at all).

And yesterday, I was staring blankly out of my window when I replayed The Matrix in my mind. I used to be quite crazy about the movie, as with many others. Some went on to fantasize about it as if it were real. And this is what I wrote on my notebook (I’ll introduce my ‘Notebook’ in another post):

“You can’t say that the unknown is correct unless proven wrong if the unknown is unverifiable. The Matrix simply does not exist because the ‘world’ could in the same probability, be a marshmellow land filled with fairy-angels and gobbledigooks. There isn’t overwhelming evidence to suggest that one is more likely than the other—- that’s how you determine if something unknown is unverifiable. It is only justified by your biased preferences and twisted beliefs, the fact that you love the idea of The Matrix (because it had Keanu Reeves and the plot is ‘cool’) more than my Marshmellow Land.”

And here is where, after I’d done my part to deromantize everything, I tear it apart:

“But since we can’t say if both exists or not, we’re entitled to our own beliefs and preferences as long as we don’t impose it on anyone else and sell it as the truth.”

THAT INCLUDES RELIGION. Stop giving me those pamphlets on the street, dear evangelist. I feel like smashing your beliefs politely, but I don’t want to do that because you clearly adore your belief system. I’m not an atheist, because I’m more or less a wimp who wants the best of both worlds and I don’t have enough time and energy to support my radical stance. I’m agnostic, I believe in all existing and non-existing ‘religions’. To me, they’re all the same. They have the same purpose, the existence of a higher power, someone that does what a higher power is supposed to do to its believers (saying this to cut short my post instead of listing out what a higher power does and ALSO landing me in more debatable situations).

I really encourage people going into religions if it helps them. I see it as a mass self-help session taken too seriously with a arbitrary figure which everyone looks up to. A willing 1984 which looks to the positive. But I’m self-sufficient. I can do what a higher power does to its believers to myself. In short, I believe in myself. That’s what agnostics are— self-sufficient. Atheists are just… close-minded bums!— who’re no better than who they’re targetting.

We must all open our minds to accept that religion is an idea, created by people for people. But at the same time, allow others to believe in their own things. Only then, are we superior. *winks*