My insulation is complete. I’ve decided not to pursue it further. I should know by now where my priorities in the real world lie.

And as to my constant changing of personality, I should perhaps consider changing the ‘About me’ everyday. I absolutely recoiled when I saw it earlier just now. And someone mistook me for being a guy in his late twenties. Wonderful. No, I shouldn’t resort to such a level of sarcasm.

I think all facets of my internet life which require virtual communication with any virtual persons is over unless it only bothers my external self. That means, any connections which bother me inside will be gone. That would be a really small group actually, or perhaps none at all if I learn to detach my inner self from that, but I wouldn’t be willing to spend time on that.

So I took KI, instead of economics. Its annoying, the way that my CCA records were updated (but not shown on the computer) and it turns out that my GPA is more than enough to acquire my combination. I think that sudden revelation yesterday lead me to do the impossibles. I was always going for GP instead of KI (KI is knowledge and inquiry– philosophy, btw). But I like KI.

I think I might drop out of it after the 1 month trial, you might ask what’s the use then, but who knows? The main concern is grades. Essays are risky in exams. I can be getting 90+% at one time and be failing at the other. And after writing essays (on the spot), I’ll feel horribly unjustified because I knew I could have done a kickass one at home. I score in prepared ones, not one under stress. The ‘J’ in me. But KI’s thesis takes up 40% of the entire thing. I would love it. And provided that if I don’t go for this right now, I might be missing a chance.

Well, this is how I talk to myself. I justify to ‘myself’ why making a choice like *this one* would be better than *that one* and I’ll rebut and I’ll counter-rebut again.

I blog like I’m talking to my bathroom mirror (and yes, I do talk to my bathroom mirror all the time, usually at night) so I don’t know if it sounds boring and droning to you, I don’t read through my posts. I don’t think about that much.