I cold-call (part-time) for an insurance company and the most memorable aspect of it is that my phobia for telephones got worse. Basically, you repeat scripted lines over and over again (while making sure they don’t sound scripted) till they turn into tongue twisters.

You were not supposed to use your real name (which I figured that it did not make sense because even if you used your real name, people will think that you are using a pseudonym) and the script wrote ‘Jessica’ so I used ‘Jessica’ until I had problems enunciating it in the 2nd hour. It became ‘Jessca’, then ‘Je(s)ca’ and I decided to change the name to something that’s not sibilant.

I used ‘Sophia’ because the name did not sound like a cliché name for cold calling and its tongue-twisted-friendly. On the way back, I figured that ‘Megan’ is better name. Females are tasked to call potential male clients for the obvious psychological reasons. But really, I would have chosen to call males voluntarily. Its hard selling them to females.

My job is laced with deceit. We pilfer numbers from lucky draws. We conduct surveys that are not actually surveys and we comfort the person on the other end of the line, convincing him that we aren’t selling anything when even we ourselves are aware that the statement reeked of reverse psychology.