Recently, there seems to be a dearth in my ability to write or rather my motivation to write. So right now I’m attempting to think before I write and be mindful of how it all sounds but its awfully (edit out: creaking) difficult. The very activity is like of a handicap flexing his prosthetic limbs (what a awful metaphor, Woman) or of an amnesiac trying to remember that he forgot something (and what sort of link does this have with that >_< —> edit out: >_<).

This sucks. (Edit out: This sucks.) Perhaps this is just not the day for words to pop out like turd from a diarrhea sufferer (Nightmare! What the. *Shakes head* —> you’re not supposed to emote. This is not freaking IRC. —> No use of ‘freaking’ please!) Trying again, perhaps this is just not a day for words, or at least I would like to think that way. ‘At least’ meaning that there’s something else to it? Doh, else why would I have said ‘at least’. But of course, anything I would like to think it this way or that are not what they would be else I would not have to like to think it that way, I would have thought it that way already.

The lack of disturbances in my life currently is ironically, counter-productive to my writing. The habit of excessively analyzing things goes hand in hand with depression which means that when depression leaves the room high up there in the attic, my analytical skills flow down the drain along with it, which further drags along the resident Wordsmith with the accursed duo which is not a very pleasant thing to feast over a barbecue toasting marshmellows. (Is it not?)

It is. In fact, I’m ready to carry out homicide, this thing is awfully (this shall be my new ‘creaking’ which replaced the earlier ‘freaking) awfully.. HOMICIDABLE! Oh my bitter gourd! (legal usage: a vegetable)

/me proceeds to leave

Hey, why isn’t emote function ‘/me’ functioning!

(The ‘exclaimation mark’ means that the above was an interjection and the user was not in need of an answer.)