Well, kinda miss wordpress, but well.

Blogger has a whole new different atmosphere and hm, its nice to have a change– even if I’m going back into the past when I used this blog. It kinda thrills me though. I feel refreshed and new.

Its kind of the time to change a blog,yes.

I get sick of everything within a few months at most. Maybe I should try forgetting. It makes sense, it really makes sense.

“I really enjoyed forgetting. When I first come to a place, I notice all the little details. I notice the way the sky looks, the color of the white paper, the way people walk, doorknobs, everything. Then I get used to the place, I don’t notice those things anymore. So only by forgetting can I see the place again as it really is.”

David Byrne.

But at the same time, scrolling down ‘memory lane’, I missed this blog too. The time when I wasn’t so.. hm. The time when I was more ‘imperfect’ to myself. Missed it all, especially when reading the couch potato entry.

I miss it all.