I was earlier on fetching some oreos in the kitchen-to eat, of course. And for some reasons, I couldn’t open the packet the way I wanted to-pulling the package on the two sides. I didn’t want to tear it by its perforated edges-it’s so unsightly.So I retrieved a pair of scissors from the kitchen cabinet and cut a small opening on its side, there, my oreos.

It was then that the ‘monkey’ syndrome came to me again.

I was amazed at how I could retrieve the scissors at ease-it reminded me of a documentary I watched featuring a sea otter clamping a rock in its mouth and holding its food (shell-like ones) in between its neck, struggling to smash the shell to feed on its insides. I feel a little guilty.

You see, not only could I reach out for the scissors when I want to, Oreo is also pre-packaged, I don’t need to die for my food!

Maybe because I’m taking these little things for granted. Hmm.

Then I thought of ‘The Alchemist’, the book, yes. A scissor has its own legacy too (to aid me in retrieving my oreo  today), its own omens (transformed from metal and plastic into a scissor in China-it said Made in China, where its shipped to Singapore and into my dad’s office, where this special one landed in Level 27, in my dad’s department and into the office cabinet, allotted to him. He brought this one back for me on one faithful day)

And the entire universe conspiring for it to reach its dreams, where when the Earth formed several millions of years back, iron and nickel were present in the ground just for my scissor, where the ores were found, the trillions and trillions of atoms found in the specific ores that made my scissor were responsible for its act today. And the Scientists who made stainless steel possible!

If you think about it, its amazing, and although the above was just a matter for laughs, its true.

A chain of events leading us to where we are now. Where others fulfill their own legacy, they abet us in fulfilling our own, just like my scissors did today (don’t laugh, its meant to be serious). We’re the products of every single atoms and molecules of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, helium, neon, yada, yada, in the air. We don’t inhale nitrogen, but it forms the soil, where plants, the food producers get their nutrients from.

And I don’t need to say how each and everything links itself together-you know it, and it does.

Although the merchant didn’t fulfill his supposed legacy of making a pilgrimage, I believe that he did fulfill his legacy-didn’t the Universe conspire for Santiago to meet the merchant? It was his choice to either stay in his shop or make the pilgrimage. Since he was happy-be it.

It has always bothered me that Santiago didn’t bade goodbye to the Merchant, that he left ‘without a sound’ or thank him for his stay in the shop, and the impression that he left the shop, disappointed. Santiago appeared selfish and self-important.

This fact always itches me.

Maybe I should blame Paulo Coelho.


Well, you know, we could always get wisdom from an oreo discuit, and I don’t need to recount the what ifs, what if I could open the package the way I always do and not use the scissors? Would I have written this post? Would you have read it? Maybe, would you have thought about it? (I said maybe cos I’m not sure if you would think about it :\ )