1. Sarah sat, face down. She folded her arms and turned away. She capped her pen. The fluorescent light scanned her face. It was an unusually blue day.

She capped her pen and leaned back on her chair. She looked around at the frowning faces. A pale, sardonic smile came to her lips. She uncapped her pen.

“He discovered the general likeness of both. It was also found, a 99.2 genetic similarity between the two.”

She saw faces hollowing into skulls, contorting in a smile. She shut her eyes.

“Charles Darwin first proposed his theory in the mid 1900s. It was met with much controversy and rejection.”

Sarah smiled back. The blue light scrutinized her face. She saw hair creeping up the clothed backs, shoulders expanding out of the cotton shields.

A metal button fell to the ground.

“Have you heard of reverse evolution?”