Think I would be a INTP soon. I took the test again because I feel myself changing again. Shit, yes. Hey, my F (feeling) has dropped to 50%, 1% less, I would be T (thinking) and considering how I had been rather dishonest with the “Do you frequently sympathize with people?” (I used to be a YES!!!, then Yes!, then yes.. Well, now… hey, I’m not heartless. I’ll talk about it some other time)

I do feel myself feeling less. (But that in that is ironic.)

Not bad at all, the INTP crew, at first I thought the name sounded disgusting. They’ve got Socrates, Rene Descartes (!), Albert Einstein, the Pascal guy, Issac Newton.. etc, but most of all, C.G. Jung, the guy the Myers-Briggs test I just took was based on.

Ah well.

That’s just an alter-ego, that’s how the INFJ me speaks, when I go emo and wax poetry, I’m INFP. When I go utilitarian, I’m INTP.

Now, that’s a hell lot of “split personality” going about, yes.

I’m reading the description.. hell, it sounds like half of me now.