On the way home, Nicole was talking about 2012, the Maya apocalypse, joking how we don’t need to study anymore since we would be dead 4 years later (yh, yeah, its 5 years– you told me that last year remember? Well, now its 4, its 2008. Code cracked.)

I watched a section of a video on it on youtube.

I stopped watching at around 6 minutes because I’ve got what I want from it.

Somewhere near 3 minutes, it wrote– “What you do not see will set you free.” and this sentence was also written on the video description. I wondered what it meant.

What you do not see will set you free, what you do not see will set you free.. well then, what do I see?

I see nothing, death scares me.. not at all. Human beings deserve an apocalypse.

Then I understood– what did you see? I saw 6.43 minutes worth of ‘things’, the 17.01 minutes are going to set me free.

But, do I want to be free?