I’m supposed to write about 1 of the 50 facts that could change the world (know that book?). And since I’ve always have a problem with overcoming inertia when I put it on paper or even type it out on word doc., I thought it would be much easier writing it here.

I care about: A quarter of the world’s armed conflicts of recent years have involved a struggle for natural resources.

Fact no. : 35

Why is this important to me?

After reading about this fact, an indirect conclusion could be made about how we humans living in the 1st world are essentially the cause of a death of another or the source of a conflict even as we conduct our daily lives since we need electricity, which might come from oil or natural gases, to maintain our lifestyles.

This fact is indeed a wake up call for us to do our part to preserve the Earth’s natural resources to reduce the incidence of these conflicts happening.

It is of course important to me, to us, that natural resources should be preserved and used in discretion so they would not run out too fast and that conflicts definitely should not arise from it. This savage behavior of our fellow human beings has revealed to us how dire the situtation is.

What can be done about it?

There are 2 ways to get at this problem. The first way is to get rid of the source– ensuring that there would be little resource shortage and competition. The second way is to stop the armed conflicts from happening, but in order for the second to take place, the first would have to be effective first.

The UN could pass a bill for countries who sign it to reduce their natural resources use by 10% for 10 years. Since most natural resources are used as an energy source, countries would be encouraged to pursue ‘green energy’, using wind, geothermal and solar energy… etc so as to reduce the amount of unrenewable resources ‘consumed’.

Now that resources are less of a shortage, the number of conflicts would gradually go down.

What can I do about it?

Speaking of which, down on a micro level, it is also pertinent for us to play a part. Although our individual efforts might seem small– when accumulated, a significant change would be seen. First, we could conserve energy, thereby using lesser electricity/other resources and resolving the conflict, simple acts like turning off the lights when you don’t use them.

Secondly, I could play a part by reading up on the topic, then spread the message through mediums like blogs or internet groups to increase awareness so that international organizations like the UN could be brought to attention. Although the audience is relatively unimpressive, I believe in the power of combined efforts.


Okay, poof. Done. I was sorting out pics while doing this so I spent several hours. Its 1.29am now, on this sentence. Uploading a picture a day is a compulsive ritual and also a way to ensure that I wouldn’t ‘drop out’. The ‘torture’ is necessary. I didn’t get any pics good enough today, so I went browsing my old collections and found several interesting ones.

Glad I finished! I would have fallen asleep quite some time ago if I’d been writing it on word doc. or on paper. Nowadays, I would doze off at anything boring (during lessons or doing assignments), not that I’m really tired, because when the teacher leaves, my ‘sleep appetite’ would mysteriously be gone.

And its not because I don’t sleep, thus this happens. I slept at 1am last night and I still fell asleep during geography lesson ):

.. Maybe I need some caffeine.

The facts? Well, at first I thought it was really ridiculous and it really did change me in a certain way. But after the process of writing everything down, the feeling seemed to have diluted.

We should not translate to words things we want to keep as they are.

I think its rather true. Shall start a new post on it.