In school today.

Been facsinating myself with taking the ‘detached mood’ recently, in an unconscious way. Personally, I never know what the next ‘style’ would be.  But what I capture seems to reflect what I’m feeling at the moment.

And yadayadayada.. there’s so many things to say, but I can’t cross the inertia of starting the sentence. Well anyway, you would probably have gotten quite sick of hearing me ‘speak’. I would have anyway. My ‘itinerary’ today would probably be on school, on debates, on my coach, but then, I would have been sick of it too.

Too draining. On my mind, my feelings, my hand. Not feeling tired, but just flat.


Well, sometime ago I was wishing that I wouldn’t care. Now that it happened (and I just realized it did, probably I’ve been too late in realizing it), I began to think if it had been a right way to go or not, but either way, its not for me to choose and and I don’t find myself making an effort to think about it. Earlier on, it hurt because you care too much, now that your heart is amputated, you begin to experience phantom pain.

Phantom pain is just.. wierd.

You can’t call it pain, so you place a ‘phantom’ in front of it.