D, D, Dionne tagged me to do this, just that it was ’10 things to do before I die’, which sounds a little like New Year Resolutions that are made to break. And I don’t believe in torturing myself, so I gave myself some space. Things I wanna do.

10 things I wanna do before I  *_* die.

1. Write a book. I’m always in awe with Malcolm Gladwell, remember the guy who write ‘Blink’? The book would probably be about random experiments. I had this recent ‘experiment’ on people who chew straws. Turns out that the whole of debate chew on straws. At first, my hypothesis was that people who chew on straws have some OCD, because I’m one huge addict and I have some ocd, but it turns out that my actually diagnosed ocd friend doesn’t have the habit, so my theory is smashed to the ground. But fear not, I BET, I’m betting, yes, that there’s something behind this chewing-straws phenomenon.. so. Just you wait!

2. Get a job that I like. Probably journalism. One of my strength that everyone else recognizes as a weakness is ‘giving up easily’. I see it as a good way to gauge if I’m on the right path. Once I get bored or sick with something, I leave. This year is the year of the ‘lasts’. I’m thinking of leaving taekwondo when I’m a brown black belt (I didn’t choose to take up TKD in the first place. I was Forced, Forced!). I’m thinking of leaving swimming when I have several months to go to getting GOLD. I’m disliking piano (never really liked it) when I’m Grade 8 this year.

So it’s pertinent to do something I like, else I’ll just drop it total.

3. The cheesy one: Meet the Man of my Life. It’s strange, but I’ve got a feeling that this person is just round the corner, but I’ve yet located the corner. Anyway.. forgive me. As for children, I’m not sure, and I’m not going for marriage, as in legal marriage on paper.

4. I’m going to leave this country. Fed up. Where to, I’m still deciding.

5. I’m going to watch all the movies in the world that I could possibly watch. I’m a movie buff who doesn’t watch movies. (Movies are not trivial, and I think I emerge a different person every time I emerge from the cinema. The type of movies doesn’t matter.)

6. Similarly, I’m going to read all the books I can read in the world. I’m always reading a book, but it’s strange how each book gets better than the first. And my viewpoints and my life broaden with each book. No matter which genre, non-fiction or fiction.

7. I’m going to travel. Where to? To wherever life/job takes me. Yeah, Job is going to be my Life.

8. I’m never going to be happy in life, but I’m definitely going to live through it until I fulfill my Life. What’s that, I know not.

9. I’m going where Life takes me.

What about the 10? I’m leaving it open-ended, because I’m never going to die. Hear it: I’m never going to die, psychologically 🙂

Actually, #9 encompasses all. I believe Life knows the way, huh Buddy? Hi-5.

Now its time to tag.

Hm well, anyone, anyone just do it if you want to! If you’re doing, tell me here, it would be interesting!