It was quite a bad day for pictures that day– I’ve ‘drained’ Little India, it being the 6th time I was there for around 1.5 months. I’ve ‘drained’ almost everywhere in that month, I hardly can go out for street shots anymore, so now I just carry my camera about to school, everywhere I go. It has turned into a habit, something I need to do, but not really fueled by _____ (I won’t want to call it passion though). Which is a good thing, I feel. I know I never will stop shooting, like how I won’t give up brushing my teeth.

This picture was taken quite sometime back, I’m uploading this for yh (:  (said you liked it)

I was taking pictures of a bike lying against the wall when a monk passed by. My shutter lagged as usual, but the time allowance made a better result somehow.