This was taken yesterday in Victoria’s house. Before that, we were jumping and rolling in the sea. Oh damn, sand was everywhere– in our hair, in our pants, in our eyes, but we were really happy. I love the sea. I love what the waves do to me. Its just beautiful.

Then we walked along the beach, soaking wet with sand on us everywhere. Then we spotted a shower, those circular ones with 6 or 8 shower heads. We went in, pressed all of them and ran in circles around the shower. I love crazy people.

Our clothes were already half-dried the time when we reach her house, which was supposed to be ‘very nearby’. I don’t give a heck about the ‘wet clothes= getting a cold’ theory, it never happened with me. I think it only happens with believers.

Hung around her house till late evening. I watched her play Audition (I love watching her play, but I never want to play it myself. I never played any computer games since I was 7), set up the self-timer and took some pictures. I love going to her house, I love going to yh’s house too.


This is taken at school today. This is Eve.

We were doing some mural paintings with old t-shirts and all. She was fiddling with her phone while heading into the classroom.