It bothers me a little that its blurred, what a pity. This is taken around a month ago, which is a very very long time ago, say if you’ve pursued photography for 5 years, this was taken a year ago. Hey, I wonder why I didn’t ‘discover’ this picture in the past. It seems like as time goes by, some pictures look better.

And why am I uploading old photos?

My camera played Dead on me!!

I almost died out of grief, I’m serious. I was planning to get another Panasonic DMC-F1 (no other cameras will do) if it does not come around tomorrow. Yes, its not the first time, its the 4th or 5th time this month already, it never freaked me out, because it’s certified that my ‘appliances’ achieve immortal status.

My cellphone survived water (apparently I absentmindedly washed it in the morning)– it came on and off but after a day, ‘business as usual’. I’m sure you’ve heard that story, haha, I’m told everyone I met in school that day.

When my camera ‘walks out’ on me, I usually fiddle around with the battery, when it does not work, I use the second battery and normally it comes around. But today, nothing worked, I even tried pulling the lens out/ nearly dismantling the whole thing and putting it together. But I didn’t, I’m no Thomas Edison or what freak, I took of a few screws and… and went on fantasizing what my life would be like with my Olympus.

Oh man, can’t.

You get me a dslr, it wouldn’t soothe me in the least bit. I’m grown onto my camera.

I got the screws on, replaced another battery, and it seemed that my camera just wanted a little attention and an affirmation that I wouldn’t trade it for something else, the screen blinked and it came on.

I don’t know if I was relieved or angry.