My ears hurt, my right ear feels extremely funny.  They accomodated the earphones there for almost 24 hours now. Its 4.23 am, I’m not sleeping yet, damn, I need to finish that whole stack of essays for tution. The gastric juice had been swishing around in my stomach, now its just a plain, dull ache. I hope I don’t get gastric, I’m too lazy to get up for food. I would rather die starving here in front of the com.

Its funny how my neck and back didn’t work up on me today– they used to if I stayed up to 2-3am.

Wow, what am I saying. I love staying up at night, sleep makes me tired. I don’t need to sleep, not for 2 days. Somehow I quitted coffee, it just walked out of my life one day– I don’t even know when I ‘quitted’ it.

I just hope my ears are alright, please, please.

4.27 am

Wierd things happen when I don’t sleep– I start listening to rap songs.