Well, I just can’t believe Bhutto’s dead, she seemed immortal– being able to escape exile, and several plotted assassinations. In fact, I felt that her situation in Pakistan was so safe that I skipped all the articles about her in Time, I was even convinced that somehow, she would be Prime Minister again– the sheer power of the woman, the sheer power of will. It can do anything in the world..

All but prevent death.

I suppose I need to stop depending on Time magazine for all my news feeds and start reading daily newspapers. The reason why I got the information 1 hour after she dies is because manojsai from flickr posted a picture and announced it in the descriptions.

How horrible of me.

Hah, but then again, deep down in me, I don’t feel anything, I’m saying this (post) from the mainstream point of view. Or that I’m just not opiniated nowadays, I don’t take sides– or maybe I take all the sides.