Does the picture look fatalistic?

The girl looks like a doll, a dead doll came alive. I realize that many of my pictures are this way, so I created a new set in flickr “Death of the Human kind” .

This was taken actually some months back at my bro’s concert. How funny, I never took a liking to this picture at that time. I’m mad about this picture right now.

That said, the reason why I’m digging up my old files is because I don’t have new ones. Yes, I have been ‘touching’ my camera, but I’m not satisfied with the pictures. This makes me rather upset.

I need a ‘model’, just anyone will do, anyone with a head and 4 limbs, if you have 3 or none, its okay, just as long as you can nod or shake your head. Or worse come to worse, I shall take pictures of myself and name them someone else, just you wait.

(…I realized that the previous paragraph rhymes)

Nah, I’m not afraid that someone on the web will spot my face, cut it out, tinker with it, or maybe by some wierd ways or other, actually find out where I live, hunt me down, slit my throat and peddle my head to an ornament collector (?!).

I don’t care.

Its just that when I see my face in a picture, the focus shifts from the photo to my face, and I’ll begin to hate the photo (no, I don’t hate my face). Okay, I give up, I don’t know how to explain it so you could understand (understand? Me neither).

Now its time to tinker with my homework or someone will really tinker with my head.