This insane guy climbed up to the top of the parapet to steal a spot to take pictures.

This insane girl below started snapping pictures of him.

Question: Who’s more insane?

I realized that I ‘accidentally’ captured the ‘Singapore Visitor Center’ and ‘Uniquely Singapore’ into the shot– hmm, could make for some photojournalism.


And there was this Indian lady in a sari. Was really proud of my point and shoot. In a way, I was ‘panning’ my camera, because I had to catch up with my parents and bro. I didn’t go to Orchard Road for a photo trip, but am quite satisfied with what I’ve got tonight (24th October).
FREE HUGS. Omg, love these guys. They made my day. Anyone wanna do that with me someday? This is an example of a picture taken while sightseeing. The crowd was like _____, I suspected if anyone was actually jostled into hugging the guys.
Civilian ‘photojournalists’.
The Xmas lights were out at that time. There was a huge huge jam outside Takashimaya, it took us 12 minutes to walk around 50 meters. These ‘smart’ people climbed onto the parapets and started marching their way out. It was insane.
“Human Jam”, a new flavor of jam. Yums, *smack lips*.
Home at last!