Right now, I’m trapped in the library, forgot to ask mom for the keys before I left. We were eating out just now, some mini celebration going on — she had just successfully got herself a new job and got rid of her fucked up boss. Woots.

I had to get home early for my swimming lesson, but god knows, I forgot about the keys!!

I had some hiccups today. Then it dawned on me that I hadn’t had any hiccups for at least 3 years already! Serious. I remember being a regular ‘hicupper’ when I was younger, at least once a day (yeah, not very normal).

Hiccups are cool, you make this ‘squeeze-toy’ sound, like *squeak* I *squeak* caaa *squeak* can’t *squeak* talk. *squeak* *squeak* My idea of cool.

Oh and I really wanted to sharpen up the short story I was writing, but my keys forbid! I think it would be a collection of short stories,but indirectly linked. It seemed like I have this thing for using the name ‘Jim’ for my character, and my characters are similar, unplanned.

I realized that you just need a few years of education to write the short stories I’m writing. I go like– “He was scared. He didn’t know what to do. The light went off. He couldn’t move. Breathing was hard.” My bro knows how to read it.

Now, I fully appreciate what Orwellian is trying to say– that simple words are more powerful than anything else.. or something like that, definitely phrased in a better way. I think words have a potential of masking the idea behind what the words are trying to express. The 2 essays I wrote at the last post are great examples of them. I was not clear.

I believe in elementary school sentence structures, punchy and simple, serves its purpose. Use less words, basic words, cut down on unecessary ones. Be objective, don’t impose opinions on readers. In this way, you’re respecting them, not patronizing them. Describe every action in detail, in a clear and punchy way. Less words+ basic words = reader going through every line faster = more action = faster action. The story will speak for itself.

Version 1

“Looking around him, he was clearly annoyed that no one spotted it. He was very sure that the plump woman next to him certainly didn’t. Her eyes were clearly all on Tom as he took his shirt off.”

Version 2

He looked around him, he was annoyed that no one saw it, he was sure the fat woman beside him didn’t. Her eyes were all on Tom as he peeled the tight white shirt off his body.

Shit, how did an account on hiccups turn into a mini writing tutorial? Roffles.

Just don’t tell me you prefer Version 1 or my first stint as a half-assed ___ whatever you call it, would be flushed down the drain.

I’m the Queen (heh, why can’t it be King eh, Feminist?) of Digression. Yesterday night, my friend and I had a heart to heart talk till 4am, when it all started with s/he (identity must remain unknow, s/he ascertains) thanking me for something.

It feels better than sleep, you know? Although I wasn’t much uplifted but the talk, s/he was, which made me just happy to listen and do what I can. I know that its the first time s/he was telling someone about his/her troubles. I was rather sorry, because I’ve known it all along, and I’m afraid to do anything about it.

We did affirmations, like “I’M ALRIGHT, I’M BLOODY ALRIGHT.”


Of course, not in such a crude fashion. I somehow am very vulgar in my blog, but that’s how I talk to myself,yes, I do talk to myself. I go like–

“So do we go to tyhe library now?”

“uh, just hang on, finish this first.”

“Okay, faster, need to come back for dinner.”

“Alright, just 5 minutes.”

“okay, quick”



On the other hand, I’m getting very immoral..gah, shall stop, it itself would take another post. Now, how did I get to talk about morality when I started talking about hiccups?

I shall get home at 5.45pm, mom should be at home, 10 more minutes to crap here. It really sucks when you don’t bring your keys out.

I’m paying $0.03 for each minute here, hah. But it feels better than money. Writing feels better than money.

Here’s a “Lovely Day” for you!
I heard this first on “School for Scoundrels”, an awesome movie (that scored badly with critics??). I have this habit for bring a small sheet of paper out and when I hear a song I like, I’ll jot down 2-3 lines of its lyrics and go google it at home.