I have recently been writing some mindless essays for school’s homework. Its to find 5 articles that are related to Orwellian’s 1984 and write your opinions on it. I was not very comfortable, I was not putting myself into the writing of it, I used to write these things so easily, the speed at which I’m speaking. Guess it must have been the debates that made it so. Now, it took twice the time to churn out a piece that I don’t ‘believe’ in, but I thought it was way better than the previous piececs months back when I wrote stuff I believe in and was satisfied with.

Don’t read them if you’re lazy, just go down to the bottom after the 2 essays.

The first is about the tightening of Thailand’s film censorship.

First, the Thai government should know where to draw the line between ‘good’ censorship and ‘bad’ censorship. Censorships are drawn with good intentions in mind—to prevent inculcation of flawed morals, the spread of radical ideas, etcetera. Think about censorship as tying an elastic band around the filmmakers and the moviegoers, suitable censorship is one that fits just right, where filmmakers willingly follow censorship laws and moviegoers do not express frustration over the movie ratings.
But it is evident that in Thailand, a gap has formed between the level of censorship and the level at which filmmakers are willing to mould their films to fit into the imposed laws. The government also appeared to have a lack of trust for the people (moviegoers), attributing the need for ratings to the mindless assumption that’s close to insult, calling the Thai people ‘uneducated’.
Ladda goes on to make yet another assumption while taking it out on Apichatpong, saying that Thai people only want to see comedy, not films by Apichatpong. This statement not only reveals the extent of the government’s control on the censorship enforcement but also on how unsupportive the government is on local talent.
From this article, we could easily see how the system is transforming into a 1984-like censorship enforcement. The government plans to gain more stranglehold on the system, by introducing vague laws that threaten to be more than what they seem, and when filmmakers do not support the change of hands from the police’s to the government’s, the government ascertains that everyone is in support of the change.

The future of Thailand would not be as pretty, definitely not as ‘safe’ as the newly censored cinematic screens, as censorships extend from reel to real.

This one’s about “Asian nations are growing their arsenals as fast as their economies. Who is the enemy?”
It looks like a second cold war is in its budding, countries amassing weapons, trusting each other on the surface but secretly in suspicion inside. It seemed that with China as a rising power, a new status quo is being set. “Better safe than sorry”, the cliché narrates it best. New ties being bind in fear of the lack of an useful ally when the situation calls for taking sides, like in the previous wars, the stocking of newer, deadlier weapons, not only to play safe, but to ‘scare’ off potential ‘attackers’.
This process heightens the status quo and countries find them protecting themselves against an invisible enemy—the competition, the status quo. No one is going to take action yet, like in 1984, no one is even sure if anything is going to occur, so in the process, ‘something’ is cooked up from it.
Trust is lost between nations, even between allies. Suspicion is the culprit, countries are now afraid to be transparent of their operations, leading to other countries ‘playing safe’, suspecting the worst, and the status quo keeps escalating, until…
Who knows what might happen?

“Suspecting the worst”, who knows there might be a third world war.


I have no idea why I am posting stuff like these up here (as with stuff like the physics revision), but I guess my blog has really become a diary, I’m writing what I want to tell you.

On that note, I think our minds work best when we don’t care about something. Right now, I’m not that crazy about photography and I think I’m experiencing my best ‘era’, as with writing (short stories) and maybe… this. How paradoxical is that– or is it for me only?

Am I the only freak?

I’m writing what I don’t believe, not that I don’t think a WWIII is going to happen, nor do I support the frecky Thai government, I don’t support nor believe nor care about anything, not taking any sides. Honestly, I feel quite bad writing these 2 essays. As a debater, I always frustrate when I stand on the prop side of euthanasia when I’m handed out to do an opp speech. And when this happens, I’ll make sure I say something I do believe in, such that when I deliever my speech, I’m speaking from my heart.

And I always end up going with the side that I speak from.

But now, its all .. different. I can feel it.

Here, I embrace the new ‘Me’.