Play the song and read it, till the end, its short. Tell me the first word that comes to your mind after finishing this.

1: But I have to find it, I don’t think I can go without it.

2: Where’re you going?

1: I don’t know.

2: So you’re saying that things can only happen when you have it.

1: Maybe, yeah.

2: Yeah, maybe.

A: So do you know what’s that?

B: I don’t know.

A: Okay.

B: Okay.

A: Good night.

B: Good night.

1: Do you need help?

2: I don’t know.

1: I don’t know either.

2: Yeah, its not There.

1: I’m afraid.

2: Are you cold?

1: Perhaps, I don’t know.

2: I don’t know either.

1: We can’t carry on like that can we?

2: We can’t carry on like that, yeah.

1: Its raining.

2: Yeah, the clothes.

1: We don’t have any.

2: Oh, forgot, ever since Jim..

1: Yeah, um..

2: Yeah.

1: Good night then.

2: Yeah, good night.

A: Did you ever hope that he came back?

B: He never left did he?

A: I don’t know, you’ll never know with him.

B: That’s true.

A: I don’t know.

B: I don’t know too.

A: Can you help me on the telly?

B: Don’t you remember?

A: Oh yeah, ever since Jim.

B: Yeah, um..

A: Yeah.

B: Do you want to go there someday?

A: Do you?

B: I’m not sure.

A: Its always you who knows.

B: I don’t think it is.

A: I think it is.

B: I don’t know, it just seemed to have..

A: What?

B: Ever since..remember?

A: Oh, hell, ever since.

Ring.. Ring..

1: What the.

2: What?

1: Run! Run!

2: Oh, Jim, no!

1: Go, go, just go!

2: Oh my.. my dear, no.. (cries)

1: Quick, just go, I’ll do it, go, go!

2: (Cries, falls to the ground)

1: Mom, no! No, No, No!!!

A: Did you hear that?

B: Which one?

A: The bell, the third one.

B: Oh no.

A: Oh please no.

B: Oh, please no.

A: No.

B: No.

A: No.

*curtains close*

Two years later, he came back without harm, I don’t know what happened.

1: These kind of conversations goes on in my head.

2: Unlinked, but they link when you put them together.

1: Yeah.

2: Yeah, that’s right.

1: Goodbye.

2: I’ll miss you.

1: I will too.

And they went away forever. Who knows when Will it happen.

A: Remember the promise he made?

B: Which one?

A: I don’t know, I forgot, ever since..remember?

B: Oh yeah, there’s many, I can’t force them to stay in my head.

A: Do you think it will happen?

B: I’m not sure.

A: That’s right, its the same after all.

B: Yeah, I think we have to go on like that.

A: I’m afraid.

B: Me too, but let’s just go, its..

A: Cold. Our clothes.

B: They’re gone, yeah?

A: Gone.

B: Gone.

A: Gone.


Just writing what comes to my mind, I didn’t think of a plot, I just wrote. I don’t know if it makes sense or not, but its special. Tell me the First Word that comes to your mind.

Please respond, whoever you are, just the First Word, whatever it might be. I need to know.