I just read this book, “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell, a really great, entertaining book (Non-fiction) and I’m gonna check out Tipping Point too.

Blink talks about how making decisions in the ‘blink’ of an eye, or intuitively, is much more effective than making it with truck loads of useless informations that misguide and so on and so forth. He made many great examples, like the one that I liked most in the introduction.

A kouro, an ancient greek statue is being unearthed, and this one’s special because unlike the other kuoros unearthed earlier, its intact, and looks ‘new’. The Getty museum is elated, its a priceless discovery! After some months of getting some professionals to examine it, extracting bits of it to test them in their laboratries, Getty was given the go ahead to purchase the kouro.


“Arthur Houghton, who was then the curator, took us down to see it,” Harrison remembers. “He just swished a cloth off the top of it and said,” Well, it isn’t ours yet but it will be in a couple of weeks.” And I said,” I’m sorry to hear that.” What did Harrison see? She didn’t know. In that very first moment, when Houghton swished off the cloth, all Harrison had was a hunch, an instinctive sense that something was amiss. A few moments later, Houghton took Thomas Hoving, the former director of the MoMA in ny, down to the Getty’s conservation studio to see the statue as well. Hoving always makes a note of the first word that goes through his head when he sees something new, and he’ll never forget what that word was when he first saw the kouros.

“It was ‘fresh’–‘fresh'”, Hoving recalls. And “fresh” was not the right reaction to have to a 2 thousand-year-old statue. Later, thinking back on that moment, Hoving realized why that thought had popped into his mind:” I had dug in Sicily, where we found bits and pieces of these things. They just don’t come out looking like that. The kouros looked like it had been dipped in the very best caffe lattte from Starbucks.”

Hoving turned to Houghton. “Have you paid for this?”

Houghton, Hoving remembers, looked stunned.

“If you have, try to get your money back,” Hoving said. “If you haven’t, don’t.”



And you know what happened.

The statue turned out to be a fake. What turns out to be months of painstaking scientific work couldn’t parallel to a simple glance by art experts.

The book has many valuable insights to share, and if you’d realized, I was trying to put the incident that happened in my own words, but later I found out that by only putting it in Gladwell’s words, it would have the ‘punch’ that it had.

A really worthy read.

In short, Please Read It!!


Wierd, my blog has become a book corner. I don’t find myself constantly reading, at most 2 per week, not like the agatha christie craze I had earlier this year. But I do have a book on hand everyday, even if I don’t read it that day, its got to be there, like music, songs. I play them from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep– its got to be there! And my camera! I find that my computer is getting less of a must-be-there.

I hope my camera don’t go, as in I’ll always be doing photography, I’m a little scared that I might drop it like I did with the others, but I think my songs and books will always be there. Its an irrequitable relationship, my books don’t need me, I won’t really think of killing myself (like I did with the camera-confiscation) when I don’t have books to read. The same goes for music.

Its a safe relationship, much safer than human-human ones, but less of a life.

I think having a social life is very important. Open up, you’ll see the sky much clearer. Am I being random over here? But yes, we should just be casual, light beings, don’t coop yourself up and wallow in self-pity, guilt, fear, um, thoughts, what else. I’m innately an introvert, its not that easy to tell (my friend says) cos I’m comfortable with everyone, but that’s what INFJs are. I prefer to spend time with myself most of the time, but I’m perfectly fine and make the most out of it when I’m with people. Have fun! Live in the moment!

I’m a pessimist too, but I sound most of the time– like an optimist. Actually I switch, with optimists, I point out my pessimistic thoughts, with pessimists, I tell them the bright side of things. Wierd again, but gee, it has got something to do with my star sign!

I’m a Libra, its all about balance!

Eh, hang on, I thought I didn’t believe in horoscopes?