You should update more frequently, y’know?

Yeah, know.

Blah, I’ve been lazy these few days. But laziness meant that you guys have lesser depressing events to deal with while reading my posts.

1) My parents confiscated my camera on saturday, don’t ask if I’m sad or not, I just said it!

2) After some _____ they returned it to me– of course, there’s exchanges for something on my side (which I don’t wanna say)

So you see, bad stuffs are transient! Not only should we Look before we Leap, or Think before we Say something, we should Wait before we React. That’s it.

I’ll sound like a complete buff if I go to my blog and bitch about suicidal stuff (I really thought of it then), and go really emo, say the world’s over, the sky’s falling down on monday and I would better go down with it..blah.. And on Monday, miraculously, I’m alright! In fact happy like hell. So you know, like *knock knock*, something gone cuckoo in your head? You just promised that you’ll k*ll yourself.

Went out with yeeherng on monday, loads of interesting stuff happened! It’ll probably take me 3 posts to cover it all.

And another thing, yeah. Nick Hornby (a writer) is great. I just read his first and last book, I mean the First one he wrote and the Last one he wrote. Not the “I-promise-mom-this-is-the-first-and-last-time-I’m-gonna-steal-that-cookie-shit!” A Long Way Down is a great book, about 4 strangers coincidentally meeting on top of a building, they were planning to suicide. But they end up talking to each other and devising a way to help each other out. (don’t listen to my crap review! Read it!) It’s both touching and hilarious at the same time.

The other book is “How to be Good”. You could see how Nick Hornby grew as a writer. Its not that great, the dialogues sometimes are hard to follow. You know like..

“Oh when is tomorrow?”

“Isn’t it the next day?”

“Don’t you know??”

“Of course, I was just asking!!”

*scratches head*

Isn’t Person A asking when is tmr, then why is it at the third sentence A asked why don’t B know?? Then you’ll go up allllllll the way and count, A B A B A B, then you realize that there’s a C in it! Dammit!

But other than these, his novels never fail to relate to me. Although ‘How to be Good’ is about a complicated marriage (I only said this because it’ll probably take another 3 posts to do it and I have more to say!), there’s analogies in it for everyone. (Okay, you’ll not know what I mean) She (the lead character, a doctor) compares her marriage, to stay or to leave to a knife stuck in someone’s stomach. You don’t ask someone who’s got a knife stuck in the stomach if they’re happy or not, its not about happiness, you just want to be able to survive. To leave is to risk heavy bleeding when you pull the knife out, who knows if the knife is the one that staunches your blood?

I love analogies like these and this is Nick Hornby’s style.

I realized that I’m a really bad at writing these reviews offhand. Maybe you should consult wikipedia if you want!



These books make me happy. Perhaps I should read more books by living writers (lol).

Uhh, what else, I remembered that I had a lot to say. Ahh, nevermind, I suck at remembering these stuff, they change.

Life’s been good actually, yes, it should have been bad. I realized that if I write down my daily schedules on a piece of paper, it would be nothing other than a piece of paper. It goes:

1) study (forced to!)

2) take photos

and it alternates between the two

Sometimes I have:

1) Lunch

2) Reading

and it alternates again

if you’re wondering where dinner and breakfast went…

1) 8am: Lunch

2) 1pm: Lunch

3) 7pm: Lunch

Well, I’m getting crappy!

Perhaps I should go away before….ahhhh

Oh yeah! I remember, I was supposed to say something about the picture, if not, what’s the point of the picture. But uhh, what’s the point of the picture? Like some little bands opening for some other bands? Maybe I shall adopt this style of blogging the next time. But you’ll never know, it always changes!

1) Its taken in the kitchen

2) I’m standing in the bathroom

3) I’m cranked up in my head at that moment, therefore the eccentricity

4) Then probably I’m cranked up all the time, cos none of my pictures are sane. What with hanging a shirt on the wall and taking a picture of the door and the wall?

5) But they turn out nice, they do..

6) okay, I shall rest on the 7th day (okay, this was unplanned! I just ran out of things to say on the 6th)

7) zzz…..